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2018 Annual Meeting: C02 Course Book

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This educational course is targeted to experienced clinicians in dental sleep medicine who wish to broaden their understanding of sleep medicine. The speakers will step beyond the fundamentals of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and will delve into interactions between SDB and other medical conditions and will further attendees’ insights into additional sleep disorders and behaviors.

Target Audience:
Advanced-level dentists, orthodontists, clinicians and researchers

    • Become familiar with the timing of facial growth;
    • Understand how facial growth may be influenced by lymph tissue;
    • Become exposed to the usage of palatal expansion in children as it relates to
        sleep-disordered breathing;
    • Become familiar with the literature on pediatric orthodontic treatment and sleep-related         breathing disorders;
    • Describe the scientific evidence supporting behavioral approaches in obstructive sleep         apnea;
    • Describe the comorbidity of obstructive sleep apnea and insomnia; and
    • Describe two factors that influence motivational readiness.

The information in this course book link is intended solely for the educational use of the individual registered for the course. You may not copy, display, distribute, modify, publish, perform, reproduce, republish, post, store, transmit, create derivative works from, reverse engineer, sell or license all or any part of the content from this course book in any medium to anyone.
The presentations were prepared by the speakers. The views, thoughts and opinions expressed throughout the presentations belong solely to the faculty member presenting and are not necessarily shared by the AADSM.
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