American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

Event Registration - AADSM

DSM Team Training Program
12/1/2022 - 1/1/2030

Location: Web-Based

Registration ends on 1/1/2030

Event Description

This virtual, self-paced program equips team members with the knowledge and skills they need to provide optimal patient care. It includes:

  • 13.75 hours of recorded lectures and demonstrations. 
  • A short quiz to verify knowledge. 
  • A series of clinical competencies to be completed under the supervision of an AADSM Qualified Dentist to verify skills. 

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive the AADSM Qualified DSM Team Member designation and a certificate that can be displayed in the office to promote the designation.

NOTE: An AADSM qualified dentist is required to evaluate each team member (i.e., either clinical or administrative) who is completing the AADSM DSM Team Training Program for competency in DSM duties. The AADSM will verify the dentist's qualified status prior to providing you with access to the program. Should the AADSM be unable to confirm the dentist is an AADSM qualified dentist, you will still be able to take the program, however you will not be eligible to receive the Qualified DSM Team Member designation or certificate at the end. Refunds will not be provided if the dentist is not qualified. Dentists interested in attaining the Qualified Dentist designation can complete Mastery 1 of the AADSM Mastery Program.